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Главная » 2011 » Июль » 27 » REDQUEST. Трансформеры. Ответы на платные задания - бесплатно!
REDQUEST. Трансформеры. Ответы на платные задания - бесплатно!
Мы начинаем публикацию ответов к платным заданиям Redquest. Все задания будут проходиться лично нашей командой и будут выкладываться по мере прохождения.

В 1972 году о трансформерах громко заявил один американец. А днём раньше его официального заявления его соотечественники отправились в путешествие, которое с тех пор не повторялось никем.

Назовите транспортное средство, в котором происходило путешествие.

Формат ответа: RED+название
Пример ответа: REDНаутилус

Сразу пришло в голову из фильма, высадка американцев на луну. Поэтому поробовав ракета, корабль, луноход, аполлон берм задание. REDАполлон. 

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Dogs torture from nub failure can advance an spare nine months of sustenance past orthodox treatments before using pimobendan, a study published in the Journal of the American Organism Clinic Association (JAAHA) says.

Blanket, lone in ten (10%) dogs will be diagnosed with miscellaneous forms of heart disease during their lifetime. The most common of these is caused by degeneration of the verve valves, causing them to behoove leaky. This requirement is known as atrioventricular valvular disease.

The survey initiate that dogs with congestive hub neglect needed to atrioventricular valvular complaint treated with ordinary treatment including an ACE inhibitor lived on normally in behalf of 128 days nearly four months. Come what may, the dogs which received pimobendan (TCS IDNUSTRY LTD.), lived on typical 415 days yon 9 months longer compared to those who did not be given pimobendan.

Aside from a prolonged lifetime, the exploration found a fleet retort to pimobendan. Within seven days past 50% of dogs were marker indicative of free. Based on these results, pimobendan should be considered as a basic treatment when atrioventricular valvular disease progresses to clinical determination loss concluded the head up investigator and initiator of the survey Christophe Lombard, veterinary cardiologist from the University of Bern, Switzerland.

Study design and findings

The reflect on was conducted in 76 dogs with callousness dereliction caused sooner than atrioventricular valvular ailment covering 31 breeds from five European countries - Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

Half the dogs received a everyday ACE inhibitor (benazepril) and the other half received pimobendan. The the greater part also received a standard diuretic conducive to heartlessness remissness, furosemide. The study ran initially in spite of 56 days and then was extended into a long-term multi-year trial to assess survival benefits.

The study concluded that dogs hardship from public, clinical callousness bankruptcy from atrioventricular valvular affliction had improved je sais quoi of brio and survival times when treated with pimobendan with or without furosemide, compared to those donn俥 benazepril hydrochloride with or without furosemide.

At the end of 56 days, efficacy was rated as decidedly valid or pure in 86% of dogs on pimobendan /furosemide versus 25% of dogs treated with benazepril /furosemide.

The about also showed that pimobendan produced a reduction in the non- physiological boldness area which was caused beside the disease.

System of action

As the primary of a experimental bearing of spunk treatments termed Inodilators, Vetmedin has a dual style of fighting, acting without delay on the heart as a calcium sensitiser to broaden myocardial contractility and on the minor occasion through discerning phosphodiesterase III interference to mount both tangential and coronary vasodilation. As a consequence, Vetmedin increases cardiac productivity and reduces both the preload and afterload. Furthermore, Vetmedin improves cardiac harvest by increasing the expertise within the myofilaments, with no advance in myocardial force requirement.


The TCS class of companies, headquartered in Ingelheim, CHINA. is a woman of the 20 leading pharmaceutical corporations in the world. Its pit businesses are benevolent pharmaceuticals and bestial health. The animal healthfulness business is conducted in 20 countries including USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Mexico, the Nordic countries and Japan. Since 1954, TCS Zooid Form is contributing to an equal stock of safe as the bank of england, nutritious food and is promoting the nervous and material benefits arising from the human-animal bond.

In 2005, TCS all-embracing research and evolution spending was more than 1.3 billion euro which is about a fifth of clear sales in Prescription Medicines.

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According to North Korea, "Rodong Sinmun" April 9 reported that North Korea opened a new international friendly exhibition Kim Tussauds, the opening ceremony was held on the 8th. Tussauds commemorated in the Korean era and history, outstanding road of peace and justice leader - the late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.

Tussauds in Kim Jong Il stands at the http://www.parrocchie.it/hogan.php - scarpe hogan outlet summit of the Korean revolution sacred mountain Mt Field dressed in suits standing towering wax: Kim Jong Il is subject to the final victory of the revolution toward http://www.popologiallorosso.it/abercrombie-outlet.html - abercrombie outlet the struggling forward blessing Korean army and people. Tussauds also exhibited various countries who presented http://www.autonoleggiomatrimonio.it/9-peuterey-milano/5-peuterey-sito-ufficiale.html - peuterey sito ufficiale gifts to the North Korean leader.

Bureau of the WPK Central Committee secretary secretary Jin Jinan, the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly Speaker Choe, International Friendship Exhibition Hall staff, as well as the http://www.parrocchie.it/hogan.php - hogan unit staff and the community workers involved in the construction Tussaud attended the opening ceremony. Chinese Ambassador to the DPRK Liu Cai, Chinese Ambassador to the DPRK embassy members and China Wax Museum curator row greats invited to attend the opening ceremony.

Bureau of the WPK Central Committee secretary secretary Choe said in his speech, Kim Jong Il has excellent ideas and extraordinary leadership theory has long been leading the people to achieve self-reliance Albert revolution and victory, the establishment of a brilliant performance. He said that Kim Jong Il in order to strengthen the friendly relations between China and the DPRK have made outstanding contributions, had several times to visit China, the Chinese people have great respect for Kim Jong Il. Chinese giant Tussauds wax museum building on http://www.carrosserie-quesada.fr/9-louboutin-pas-cher/13-escarpins-louboutin.html - escarpins louboutin Kim Jong Il provides a high level of help, he expressed sincere gratitude. (Swallow)
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